Uptown Councilman Mark Levine touts legislation to give rent stabilized tenants access to amenities in their building

A recent article in the New York Daily News regarding whether rent stabilized tenants should have access to building amenities such as gyms, pools and the like raises an interesting question as to whether such tenants are being discriminated against because of their renter status, and is worth a read.

However, one has to wonder that no matter how you feel, morally, about this issue, there is a good argument that if rent stabilized or rent controlled tenants have access to these amenities, they should have to pay increases in their rent for access to same. Furthermore, if a landlord decided to offer a gym in the building, and rent stabilized tenants are entitled to use the gym, does the landlord then have an obligation to always keep the gym operational lest they open themselves up to a rent reduction order from DHCR? If such legislation is passed, it will be interesting to see how these matters play out.